Natural gas's combination of economic, environmental, and efficiency benefits makes CNG the future of energy in the United Staes. XNG has established itself as an industry leader in safe, rapid and reliable delivery of CNG and we are in a position to continue to set the standard in the distribution of natural gas well into the future.
Natural gas has limited flammability compared to gasoline and diesel. In a confined space natural is only flammable only when the mixture is within 5% to 15% natural gas.

Natural gas is nontoxic and will not contaminate the environment if it is released. It also has no know toxic or chronic physiological effects, and is not poisonous.
According to the DOE's Energy Information Administration (EIA), natural gas emits almost 30% less CO2 than oil, and 45% less CO2 tha coal and electricity.
Nearly all the natural gas in the United States is produced in North America, with about 90% originating for the U.S. and the remaining gas being supplied by pipeline from Canada.
Rely on us to operate with the highest commitment to the safety of your employes, of our employees, and of everyone in the communities where we work.

Throughout the development, commissioning and operation of our site, XNG imposes strict safety protocols that meet or exceed indusry accepted safety standards. At XNG, we prioritize safety in our daily operations and provide:

  • Complete customer documentation for operational safety nd maintenance.
  • Integrated Emergency Response Plans for every client site.
  • Support for complete Hazard Operation review.
  • Design, install, and operate every facility to be in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Additionally, we offer free safety training for all communities our "virtual pipeline" runs through. We hope our efforts will help prepare hundreds of first responders for the expansion of the natural gas infrastructure.

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