XNG is a "virtual pipeline" that provides trucked natural gas solutions to locations where the pipeline does not provide gas service. We help customers thrive by enabling them to realize the benefits of natural gas as a less expensive, cleaner, and lower maintenance fuel alternative to conventional fuel oil and propane.

We focus on bringing the pipeline to you, supplying customers with clean, safe and economic natural gas while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

We are a full-service solution provider. We offer each customer a unique solution to meet his or her needs in the most cost-effective way possible using both CNG and LNG technologies.

  • Heating Solutions: Natural gas fuel supply for individual companies, campuses and industrial parks
  • Heat and Power: High-efficiency co-generation in one natural gas-fired system
  • Utility Gas Supply: Peaking or emergency service for utilities dealing with pipeline constraints, as well as base load supply for new market development
  • Industrial Curtailment: Gas-on-demand for large industrial users that need a low-cost single fuel to address interruptible or curtailed pipeline service
  • Off-Pipeline Fleet Fueling: LNG and CNG fueling for NGV use in off-pipeline locations.

By leveraging modular designs and equipment, XNG can mobilize a "virtual pipeline" solution and have gas flowing for a new customer in as few as 90 days.