Frequently Asked Questions

Is natural gas suited for my business?
XNG will partner with you to assess whether natural gas is suited for your enterprise. Our consulting service will analyze your specific fuel needs, industry requirements, and operational structure. We will develop a fully customized plan, with a rigorous audit of your energy supply needs. If natural gas is right for you, we'll support your transition from start to finish.

Primarily, we serve industrial and large commercial businesses, institutions, and municipalities using at least 100,000 gallons of oil or propane per year. We also serve companies burning solid fuels like biomass or coal. Currently, the industries we work with include:
  • Paper and Textile Mills
  • Public and Private Hospitals
  • Agricultural Operations
    • Dairies and Creameries
    • Fisheries
    • Food Crop and Grain Processing
    • Greenhouses
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Industrial and Commercial Manufacturing
  • Municipalities and Local Utilities
What do I need to do at my facility's location to convert to natural gas with XNG?
If you have a boiler, XNG will help you modify existing systems to burn natural gas, or install new equipment. Once gas is available, any heat or power application is a potential candidate for conversion. XNG will build a simple reinforced parking area for the trailers and decompression equipment. Piping (typically HDPE) connects the site to the gas train inside the plant. XNG installs tailored CNG equipment including decompression system, integrated PLC for on-site and remote management, metering and all utility interconnections.
How do you structure project development plans?
For each of our clients we begin the process CNG transition process by conducting a feasibility study at your facility. Our XNG Solutions Group works closely with your management team or on their own to confirm engineering costs, construction estimates, and current gas pricing.

From this initial study, we develop a comprehensive project development plan that serve as the design basis for contracting for our compressed natural gas service. Our development plans document the full project scope of work, including a comprehensive budget and schedule for installing and commissioning a decompression site capable of meeting your current needs and with the capacity to expand with your business.

Our project development team will build the right plan for your business and will focus on: financials (pricing, annual savings, payback), natural gas supply (current pricing, commodity procurement, volume requirements), delivery specifications (decompression equipment, transportation and logistics, on-site storage, remote monitoring), facility engineering (permitting, design, construction), and compliance/safety needs (operational training, emergency response planning).